Tree Boats

Hammock in a tree

Tree Boat is a Hammock in a Tree

I found the most amazing idea! Totally simple. Yet life changing!

Called a Tree Boat, it is nothing more in concept than a simple hammock, but perched high in a tree canopy, preferably beyond view of the ground, and if in certain trees, without view of the sky.

Imagine lying among the leaves of a living, breathing, moving tree. The life of birds and insects, perhaps squirrels or if in the right locale, monkeys or cats surrounds you as you become part of an environment we often forget exists right in our midst.

Strapped in and stable, though moving with the wind, you become part of a world that will remind you that humanity is not alone as a life force; that an intricate matrix of life exists and that the humble tree is host and enabler of a system of vast proportions.

Check out high-tech versions of Tree Boats here:

 “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.” – Ben Franklin

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